A World Without Octobers- STEM and roots of growing lifelong readers

Writers’ block has haunted me for a few weeks after the death of my dad. Finally, my creative juices are flowing again and I have to thank my kindergarteners I teach library skills to for that.  It’s true- everything you need to know about life you learn in kindergarten. Because of my love of nature I feel inspired to teach my PreK and K all about its beauty, especially since they live in a very urban environment, an inner city. Every year we read favorite picture books, like “The Leaf Man,” ” How Many Seeds in a Pumpkin?” and “The Runaway Pumpkin.”   Every year I bring in mini pumpkins in October and teach them about the parts of a plant and the life cycle of a plant from seed to sprout.  At the end of October, I always give the pumpkins to the kids to keep, after they have graced the library desks. There are actual arguments about who gets to take the pumpkins home. I have to raffle them off and still some kids are upset. I cannot possibly buy 200 or 300 pumpkins for all the Prek to 2 graders I teach, but I do know that I have instilled in them a love for reading and learning about nature. We count pumpkins, look at the fall leaves and read so many books about them, fiction and non-fiction. The fall is probably my favorite season. October’s glorious colors and the crisper weather inspire me.  I discover migratory birds returning back south or west in my garden during October and November.  My lovely garden plants start to hibernate for winter, turning brown and dry. And I wait for the spring when I will again teach my students about the life cycle of nature, but this time of the miraculous monarch butterfly.


1 thought on “A World Without Octobers- STEM and roots of growing lifelong readers

  1. Janet

    Have you ever considered asking the purveyors of pumpkins if they’d give you a discount so you can give every youngster a pumpkin? In return you can say these pumpkins were donated by so and so flowers if your school allows that? If one store can’t perhaps two stores can. Maybe Metropolitan Plant a Exchange can help. This year may not offer enough time but it can be planned for next year. I’ll even help you pick them up and name each one (just kidding). I used to love September and October. Nice temps, low humidity and apple picking. For different reasons those months don’t shine as much as the use to. I guess I’m finally an adult.

    To Pumpkin Hugs

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