To Self Publish or Not….


 It has been a hot one in New Jersey these past few weeks. A good time to stay indoors and write, if not spending time at a beach or pool.  I have finished and subbed another children’s fiction manuscript, while I not-so-patiently wait for rejections/acceptances on my first non-fiction biography for kids.  The summer has being going luxuriously slow. I have had time to write, nature watch,think  and read other writers’ comments about the state of kid lit today and the market. It seems impossible to get an agent unless you are also an illustrator these days or have a few books already out there.

I have some writer friends who have chosen to self-publish. But with self-publishing comes self-marketing. With the time spent on waiting to hear from editors I think it may be better spent if I try to self-publish one of my four manuscripts. I still would love to go the traditional publishing route, but the waiting time is for someone with thick skin and that’s not me. After almost two years of working with a traditional publisher, my non-fiction kids book got shelved and I was crushed. I have written two more stories since then and maybe self-publishing is the way to go.

How many of you have also worked on a manuscript with an editor for over a year to then have it shelved because the acquisitions department decided it was not profitable? I would love to hear from those of you who write children’s lit and your experiences in the current publishing world, especially in self-publishing.  For now I still believe in my books, but need some new ideas about publication.


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