Champagne Wishes and Publishing Dreams

10675520_10152977368632028_1786284487381610554_nHappy 2015!    The year has changed but some things stay the same. The waiting game in the publishing industry can literally make you insane.  After my editor said I would get my third rewrite back for my pb bio on Lewis Latimer  before Christmas, I should not have had any expectations of getting any work sent to me before the holidays.  Last year I got my first revisions and initial  interest in that manuscript sent to me by my editor on December 23! So a full year has gone by and I’m still  working on what I hope will be my final revisions before it is acquired and an illustrator is found.  I am grateful and excited though, that my debut book would be published by the wonderful Lee and Low, no matter how long it takes.  I know of many writers whose work has taken years to come to fruition. Patience is certainly a virtue. I have worked for almost 3 years now to get “Lighting the Way,” published without an agent’s help.

Just finishing sending out my multicultural fiction title, “Mooncakes and Matzahballs for Anna Goldstein Wong” to a few houses around the country.  I have high  hopes for this book, my newest baby, as I think it is unique and fits the bill for more books about multiracial/multicultural kids.   I will play the waiting game again.

I will try to get an agent this year, as having helpful editors can only go so far.  For all the months and years I invest in writing and revising a manuscript, I think having my ideas approved before the work would help my sanity.  All this while working full time as an elementary school librarian!

Here’s to anyone with hopes and dreams getting published in 2015! Keep believing in your work!





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