Bless the Beasts



One of the  recurring themes I write about here on the blog, is nature as inspiration. This morning I saw, for the first time a Pileated Woodpecker in my backyard.  My husband thought he had seen one a few days ago and knowing that I am an avid birdwatcher had tried to get some pictures of it. I had kept my eye out for it the next few days and there it was this morning, attacking a knot on a tree with abandon.  I grabbed two cameras and ran out my back door trying to get a shot of this elusive creature I had only heard about from books.

It’s a huge bird, almost two feet long, with a fantastic head, red crown and sharp beak.  It was hammering away for a good half hour with persistence at that tree. And for me it was a sign. I have been waiting years to see one of these birds in NJ and had not yet given up, a metaphor for my writing. I have been waiting for more than two years now for my first children’s picture book manuscript to come to fruition, while feeling like giving up many times. Hopefully it will not take as long as the bird sighting. I was also inspired this month by seeing some beautiful hummingbirds and butterflies in the Desert Botanical Garden on a trip to Phoenix, AZ.

And while I usually like to write historical fiction or biographical books, I think that this time I will turn to nature as an inspiration for a book for kids.  There are many ideas I have brewing for a new book about exotic animals for children.  As the weather gets colder here in the Northeast I will begin a new manuscript or two and hope that my writing takes wings and inspires others.


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