November: Native American Heritage Month

005As I plan a short trip to the Southwest this weekend, I am reminded that it is Native American Heritage month. So many people think of the Southwestern tribes when they think of Native Americans, but as a New Jerseyan and  kidlit writer  I have recently been doing a lot of research about the tribes of  the Northeast.  It is so sad to see how all Native American tribes were mistreated. The Lenni- Lenape of NJ  were basically driven off their land in NJ, Pennsylvania and Delaware to upstate NY and  to live in parts of Canada and the Midwest, even after William Penn promised to let them keep their land.     I am awaiting  patiently for a publisher for my second manuscript for kids, about the Lenape.

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Here are some pix of the beautiful Taos pueblo in New Mexico that  I visited a couple of years ago. I hope to add some more pictures of the beauty of nature after I return from Arizona next week.  I’m sure to get inspired with some new ideas for writing as I check out the Monarch Butterfly migration path on my trip in Scottsdale.


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