Pink Ribbons for October and All Year Long

Yes, we all know by now that it is Breast Cancer Awareness month. As a 13 year survivor, I have witnessed 13 years of friends, colleagues and family members also go through the fight and live to see another beautiful fall October day like today.  And that has made us not just survivors, but fighters. I think young girls need to see some of these role models not just in October, but all year long. I am inspired by strong women in daily life, from the arts, sciences and from history.  For my next children’s book, I want to focus on the story of a strong woman who made strides in her life and bring her story to life for the young women of today.

As a survivor and fighter I have become strong and continue to become aggressive in representing positive role models and teaching respect to my students.  As a writer, I have experienced mostly positive responses to my work, but this week after working for many months on a picture book project  I received a rejection from an editor who had been encouraging at first.This only makes me want to work harder. I think this fighting spirit definitely comes from having beaten cancer. Before that I was definitely less of a fighter for what I believed in and was more passive.

So to my writers, students and cancer survivors out there, work and live hard for what you believe in!





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