Wake Me Up When September Ends

First day of October! Where did the month of September go?  As I am getting older and school days always begin with the day after Labor Day, it seems like September flies by without time to enjoy it.  I always treasure the fall season and the leaves changing colors here in New Jersey and nearby Pennsylvania.

For me, the colder weather coming also signals more indoor time, which I dread. I love the spring, summer and fall, but not winter.  But it also is a time where I write more. Being on vacation for almost 2 weeks every December, is a time for me to start new research. In the next months, I will begin a fourth children’s picture book manuscript, while waiting to hear about the updates to the first ones from editors.

I love nonfiction and biographies.  I  want to write my next picture book on a little known woman in multicultural history to inspire girls to be whatever they want to be.  I have 2 or 3 women in mind.

So the summer ending, in reality, is really my time to wake up my writing and begin a new project. I think the winter writing has helped some of the doldrums I experience when the seasons change. So fellow writers and readers, enjoy the season changing. Look at the leaves and think about sparking your creativity through writing or creating an art form you enjoy to craft in the colder weather.


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