By the Sea

10497857_509263782552286_4394594064476864761_oI just got back from a week at the Jersey shore, in a quiet little beach town. And I had promised my mind a little break from writing. Well, wouldn’t you know on the second morning there I got a response from a children’s book editor on a manuscript I had just sent her the previous week!  She gave me great ideas for a rewrite, a revamping of the character and some spot on suggestions. That night I lay awake in bed revising in my mind. While I did not get out my computer to write, I had to walk downstairs and jot down my thoughts on paper at 11pm, before I went to sleep. Don’t know why my mind seems to work best while I am trying to get to sleep!

Before I left,  I toyed with the plan of getting myself an agent and sent an application to a nearby literary agency in NJ.  And of course, in addition to the first editor’s e-mail on Tuesday, I finally got an e-mail from another editor for my first nonfiction children’s manuscript that is in 2nd revision phase and that I wrote almost two years ago!

So maybe having an agent is not what I need, but patience!   Having written 3  children’s book manuscripts in less than 2 years is a lot to handle, especially doing the research for the 2 nonfiction titles. And as you, my writer friends know, the writing is not the hardest work, but the rewriting!

Keep believing in your work and good things will happen. And if you don’t have an agent, do your research into the market group, audience and publishers you are writing for. Kids and teens today don’t want to read the same types of books we grew up with in the 60s, 70s or 80s. Being a school librarian by day does help with my writing by night. And taking a week off from writing is sometimes a good thing!


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