Sea Fever

Finally vacation next week! I was planning to write by my little house I am renting at the NJ shore in Avon by the Sea. But I think I’ll take a well-deserved break next week unless the writing bug catches me. Sometimes I can’t always plan a timed writing session and sometimes I get an idea and just run with it, lest I forget.

Our house has a big front porch and a small backyard garden, so when I am not at the beach I may be tempted to turn on my computer for a little research or writing there.

I have 3 manuscripts out right now to different publishers/editors, so I think it may be time to wait it out on more writing. But when inspiration comes I need to jot things down.

Looking forward to sitting by the Atlantic during the day, feeling a nice breeze in the evening, reading some books at night to fall asleep to instead of watching tv.

Who knows? Maybe my next non-fiction book will be inspired by the shore; I have been thinking about the African American abolitionist, sailor and sea merchant James Forten, from Philadelphia, as a new subject for a kids biography among others.

Anyway, enjoy as sea inspiration a song I found on Youtube, that is based on John Masefield’s classic poem, Sea Fever. The artist Kris Delmhorst has an amazing voice and you may enjoy finding some of her other songs to listen to as well.


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