All in the Family

Refreshed and ready to resume writing. I’ve been thinking about some of the classic authors whose books I devoured as a kid; Beverly Cleary, Judy Blume, Laura Ingalls Wilder to name a few. What made them so interesting was their realistic writing.

I just found an interesting old New Yorker article about how Laura’s daughter, Rose, was really like a “ghost” writer for her 65 year old mother, who had only written news articles up until the debut of the first “Little House” book of the series.
As a yet to be published children’s author, I have just recently started writing again.I was a freelance writer in my 20s and gave up writing for teaching. It is only in the past two years that I have found a revived interest in writing. I guess raising my two daughters and teaching was in the way. I have written 3 children’s book manuscripts in less than 2 years, two nonfiction, one fiction. So it is never too late to begin again!

Writing friends and family have been encouraging. Some of my published friends have been great help as readers and editors; advisers and encouragers. My husband has also been a great editor, as he spent years working at the New Yorker magazine. And my younger daughter has even helped revise and retype manuscripts.

Here’s a link to that New Yorker article about the Wilder women:



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