Summer Sun Block (Writer’s that Is…)

Truth be told I do not feel like writing on this 90 degree plus day in NJ. I had promised myself to finish final revisions to my current children’s book manuscript.
But now, instead I am rocking out to the Broadway cast album of Hedwig and the Angry Inch which I went to see last Sunday. Talk about music and words as inspiration. The lyrics are poetic. Give it a listen if you haven’t heard it yet. Or rent the 2001 movie version with the great John Cameron Mitchell.  Although most of the music is rock, there are a few ballads which are especially beautiful. Click on my link below to listen to the mythological like explanation of “The Origins of Love,” with its great animation.

I write in blocks. Sometimes I don’t write for a few weeks and then I will write for a few hours daily when inspired. Perhaps because I work full time during the school year as a teacher librarian and don’t always feel like writing after work. I get a lot of writing done during vacation periods like Christmas break, Easter break or summer break.
But so far this summer I feel like taking a writing break and enjoying the outdoors, listening to music or reading. Hoping to get some inspiration soon to start my new kids non-fiction title about unusual animals from around the globe. And finish editing my last multicultural kids manuscript.
But right now, back to some music…


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